Standard Application Checklist

Legible documentation will be required. Provide an email address on all applicants.

On Purchases:

Copy of the final sales contract, signed and dated by all parties
Copy of cancelled earnest money deposit check and the transaction history showing check clearing and the new account balance.

Income & Assets (Purchase and Refinance)

Current pay stubs for the last 30 days on all applicants.

W-2's / 1099's for the most recent two (2) years.

Most recent 2 months asset statements (all pages) verifying funds to close and cash reserves. All non-payroll large deposits will need to be explained and paper trailed to their source.


If you have Self-Employment earnings, commission income, 1099 earnings, tips or you have Schedule E income/expenses (rental property for one example), please provide: 

Latest 2 years Signed and Dated personal and business tax returns (all pages). Include all K-1's.

Retirement Income: Copy of your most recent award letter (this includes retirement, pension, Social Security, disability, annuity, etc.).

Proof of taxes, insurance and association dues if any, on all properties owned.

  If you choose to use Child Support and/or Alimony as income, provide: please call for assistance.
If Refinancing, provide a copy of your most recent mortgage statement, Lot Survey, your Owner's Title Policy, proof of Hazard Insurance, Flood Insurance if it is required and proof of the current Real Estate Taxes and Association fees if any.

If taking cash out, sign and date a brief letter explaining the purpose of the funds (all applicants).

Apply Online Now:   (Estimated 15 - 20 minutes)


Miscellaneous Requirements

Copy front/back of your Photo ID(s) (IE: Driver License). If FHA, include copy of your social security card(s).
If paying support or alimony, provide copy of your divorce decree and property settlement agreement.

Resident aliens provide copy front/back of your resident alien/Green Card. 

Once you set up your secure Login ID/Password you can go back in the application anytime to complete it as time allows. Don't "finalize" it until you are ready to submit. Additional documentation may be required according to your individual situation. Provide as much of the documentation above as possible to start the process, but a fully completed application form at the minimum is required to start the application process. Call as needed.

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