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10 Year Continues To Climb

November 15th, 2010 8:14 AM by BILL WILBANKS


After closing at 2.79% last Friday finishing the week 23 bps higher, we're now seeing a pre-opening 10 year ar 2.86% and I would expect to see an increase of 0.125% increase this morning after opening. For those of you who are currently floating your rate out there...don't go napping. It's been a solid week of bond driven points increases. Read more...

UPDATE: Looks like price is currently being quoted up 0.375% point so far, moving fixed rates up at least 0.125% this morning. Check out today's Rate Lock Advisor on the bar to the left.

Based on the early afternoon bond now at 2.81% I would expect to see some fall back on the points at some point this afternoon if it holds up. 

2nd UPDATE: Just received 12.5 to 25 bps improvement on fixed price. That's about half this morning's hit. More sign of backing off over-kill than real movement.

2:43 PM ET Hasn't been 30 minutes and the 10yr jumps back up to 2.89%. These boomerang hits are going to kill me one of these days. Expect it to bump back at any time.

4:35 PM ET After market closed the 10yr at 2.9538%, just received the fourth rate change today folks. That's a solid 0.375% (3/8) point higher than first thing this AM. That's a .50% rate increase from the bottom in the last two weeks. QEII sure appears to be helping doesn't it?

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Posted by BILL WILBANKS on November 15th, 2010 8:14 AM


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